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Game Info
Hinokakera - Chaotic Eclipse
Genre: 2.5D Fighting Game | Developer: Reddish Region
Language: Japanese | Release: 2010

Far in the future, after "Demon Sealing Wars," the remaining humans have lost spirit and hope. However, several survivors with their miraculous abilities are expected to be a beacon of hope for humanity. Hinokakera - Chaotic Eclipse aka Version 4.00 is the 4th update from Hinokakera series with improved visuals, combat system and character balance. 

The game has all features of the three previous versions, and reworked netplay client now integrated into the game. A new sidestory option also available but requires update patch to ver. 1.01. Hinokakera - Chaotic Eclipse was released at the last day of Comiket 79, on December 31, 2010.



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