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[- Game Info -]
Developer / Publisher: OHBADO
Relase Date: December 2011
Genre: Action, 3D Shooting

[- Description -]
Get a hold of Akemi Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and wields various of weapon as you destroy enemies that gets in your way (or sometimes, building).

This is a nice third person shooter games with mediocre 3D graphic quality. You will start by wielding an MK-42 and a rocket launcher and will received more various weapon as you progress with your mission.

[- Weapons You Will Be Using -]
Machine gun 
missile launcher 

[- Screenshots -]

[- Download -]
rar password: ""

English Patch

[- Instruction -]
  • Extract file.
  • Copy English_Patch directory (whole directory) to your Homura Combat game directory.
  • Go to Homura Combat game directory.
  • Go to copied directory in game directory (English_Patch).
  • (For users those didn’t install first version patch yet) Run ApplyPatch.bat
  • (For users those already installed first version patch) Run UpdatePatch_v1.bat
  • Follow on screen instructions.
  • Enjoy!

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