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[- Game Info -]
Genre: Sports > Traditional > Soccer > Arcade
Developer: Silicon Dreams / Acclaim
Release: Feb 6, 2004
Also Known As: Urban Freestyle Soccer (EU)

[- Description -]
Urban Freestyle Soccer takes place in urban streets or any of the available place with ten different gangs, all from separate hoods, seeking to control of each other’s area through the extreme street-soccer challenges. Here in this game each gang has their own distinctive style, plus clothing and even footwear. Not only that they also have their own unique music tracks and so called "entrances". In this soccer game each gang  is given their own unique skills as well as trademark tricks. 

All Gang are competing hardly for each other’s area, they all have the goal to control the street-soccer area of the whole city... by any means possible. Playing very dirty or purely out-tricking the competition as there are no rules, they will go to extreme lengths to settle the score!

[- Screenshots -]

[- Minimum System Requirements -]
OS: Windows XP,ME,2000,98
CPU: 500MHz Intel Pentium III
RAM: 128MB
HDD: 160MB free disk space
Graphics: 32MB Direct3D
DirectX: Version 9.0c

[- Download -]
rar password: ""
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  1. Just Finished Downloading This. I dont know that Soccer can be of this much Fun. Actually I am not a Fan of Soccer Games but this game is on different. It changed my opinion. Thanks for this game.


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