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[- Game Info -]
Genre: Action Adventure > Fantasy
Developer: SCE Santa Monica / SCEA
Release: Mar 13, 2007
Also Known As: God of War II: Shuuen No Jokyoku (JP)

[- Description -]
God of War saw Kratos, a mortal warrior, set upon an epic quest to dethrone a God. But his journey did not end there. In God of War II, Kratos sits atop his Olympus throne, as the new God of War - far more ruthless than Ares ever was. To end his continued torment, Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the earth and defeat untold horrors and alter that which no mortal, or god has ever changed, his fate. God of War II sets an epic stage for a devastating mythological war to end all wars. In God of War II, players retake the role of Kratos. Armed with the deadly blades and blistering rage, players are aided by new breath-taking magic and new brutal combat moves. The journey takes them through vividly striking environments where they are faced with a labyrinth of challenging puzzles and mini-games intricately woven into the story. The violent world of Greek mythology comes to life in gory detail as Kratos encounters new mythical characters, and compete in epic boss battles in his quest.

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Part 1 / Part 2

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  1. why when i play this game got super delay(graphic and sound)?
    my pc acer aspire 4530 amd turion X2 ,nvidia 9100mg 512mb(latest driver from nvidia(cuda/physx), RAM 3GB, hard disk 120 gb free 50%.. can u tell something or maybe need congfig this game first?

  2. Replies
    1. password is "" ^_^

  3. tht really 188mb ??
    can add other god of war ^^

  4. @ricky + @aaron

    Yeah this is only 188 MB highly compressed game. Game quality is not so good in this game.

    I can upload high quality one but it will be in gbs 3 gb i guess Ricky =D

  5. hahah thanks for the info sakuraoka anyway i will beat this game please upload more great games like this :D hope gow3 is release in pc hahaha btw thanks for helping gamers like us :D god bless more blessing to come :D


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