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PC game | English | Genre: Fighting

This is a Battle Mugen Game of the most popular Anime Series "Bleach". This is one of the most popular anime battle game which every Bleach fan and gamers should definitely check out.

This game contains 47 characters and 36 stages.

Included Bleach Characters:
  • Ichigo Kurosaki by StormEX, Isaiah, Cromer92
  • Ichigo Bankai by Giovanni
  • Ichigo Vizard by Giovanni
  • Ichigo New Mask by New92Vimmaso and RistaR87
  • Ichigo Vasto Lorde by New92Vimmaso
  • Ichigo Possessed by Mesiepivot
  • Inner Ichigo (Ogichi) by StormEX Team
  • Byakuya Kuchiki by Giovanni
  • Young Byakuya by CLIFF-A
  • Kenpachi Zaraki by Alchemist and Grafo_Maxi
  • Ikkaku Madarame by Ssjsongoku
  • Sajin Komamura by CLIFF-A
  • Jushiro Ukitake by BwdYetiRenji Abarai by Giovanni
  • Renji Bankai by Mesiepivot and Giovanni
  • Toushiro Hitsugaya by StormEX Team
  • Toushiro Bankai by StormEX Team
  • Rangiku Matsumoto by CLIFF-A
  • Soifon by LfenrirL
  • Yoruichi Shihoin by Getsuga Tenshou
  • Kisuke Urahara by New92Vimmaso
  • Captain Urahara by Ichiron47
  • Shigekuni Yamamoto by CLIFF-A
  • Hirako Shinji by Oleg9552
  • Hiyori Sarugaki by Giovanni
  • Uryu Ishida by Giovanni
  • Chad Yasutora by Alchemist
  • Chad El Diablo by Mesiepivot
  • Orihime Inoue by Ashisukurou
  • Rukia Kuchiki by Giovanni
  • Rukia School Uniform by Blkfrog
  • Evil Rukia by Ichiron47
  • Kon by BwdYeti
  • Tousen Kaname by Alchemist
  • Sousuke Aizen by Oleg9552
  • Ultimate Aizen by Oz
  • Coyote Stark by Giovanni
  • Lilynette Gingerback by CLIFF-A
  • Grimmjow Jeagerjaques by Oleg9552 and Devil
  • Grimmjow Pantera by Giovanni
  • Ulquiorra Schifer by Giovanni
  • Ulquiorra Murcielago by New92Vimmaso
  • Ulquiorra Segunda Etapa by New92Vimmaso
  • Menos Grande by KoN FreAk
  • Grand Fisher by Lmsanchez
  • Tsukaima by RistaR87

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